Sunday, July 14, 2019

Welcome to The Handcraft Tailor Academy, Online & In-house Courses

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At The Handcraft Tailor Academy, we pride ourselves on delivering a top-class educational experience to every corner of the world from the comfort of your own home. We offer one-to-one training with all our online and in-house courses. Every student completes the program with their own personal video series which enhances their learning experience.

Embrace the opportunity and learn how to make a three piece suit from a Savile Row Trained Master Tailor. The difficulties faced by aspiring tailors is accessing the knowledge passed from master to apprentice, over long and drawn out apprenticeships - if one is lucky enough to find a Master willing to train them. The HTA offers students a whole program of courses ranging from pattern drafting to waistcoat making, coat making and much more.

If you have ever wanted to learn how to cut and making a traditional morning suit, look no further than The HTA online amd in-house courses. The latest course offered by The HTA comprises all the skills and techniques used to make a Savile Row-styled morning coat. Combine that with the Waistcoat making and Pleated Trouser making course and you have all the knowledge necessary to make one of Savile Row's iconic suits.

When one sets out upon the path to becoming a trained tailor, many students want to jump straight into coat making and fail at the first hurdle. They discover quite quickly that the coat is an intricate combination of many skills. The HTA offers Waistcoat Making the Savile Row Style as a way for students to not only make a garment cut to their unique figures but also to hone the very skills they will need to attempt larger projects like the Coat and  Morning Coat.

Trouser making is considered a specialised field in Savile Row. Apprentices train for three years to gain all the knowledge from their masters before they are allowed to undertake projects of their own. Armed with good machine handling techniques, this tailor completed his trouser making training in only a few months. Thus proving that anyone with as much drive and passion as he had could learn a new skill and put them into practice once they have been shown the basic techniques used. Our Trouser Making program incorporates just that; the knowledge and explanation needed to make one of the core garments in a three piece suit.

Since the release of our free video series 'The Making of a Coat', The HTA has been eager to offer an online alternative. That's why in the spring of 2019, we added Bespoke Coat Making, Menswear to our range of courses. Every making course is supported by a trimming package offered by, so the student is using the identical trimmings as the master tailor to make a garment of their own. Our new video series 'The Making of a Handcraft Coat', will be made available to purchase this Fall, 2019.

Pattern Drafting for Bespoke Menswear is the complete guide to cutting any menswear bespoke garments. Supported by a complimentary copy of our book 'Pattern Drafting for Bespoke Menswear, the Imperial System', this course can teach a person with no previous experience of pattern drafting, how to cut patterns like a Savile Master with 20+ years of experience. This might sound like an outlandish claim, but it is something that has been proven by the many success stories that have originated from students who have taken this course. As a student, you will learn how to take measurements, observe figuration and identify the various figure types and select a draft to complement them. This tailor specialises in disproportionate figures. It's only those who are outside of the norms of the proportion who need the skills of a master tailor to fit their unique figure type This course covers in-depth how to cut patterns for large oversizes figures with tried and tested systems.


  1. as a point of curiosity, how does one sign up for one of your courses? i may have missed where it is mentioned, if so please do forgive me. thanks in advance

  2. It's great to see the HTA going from strength to strength. As one of Rory Duffy's first students I have a special connection not only to Rory but to his wonderful family and the in-house experience in the Republic of Ireland. I came back to the world tailoring after a 30 year journey as a sound engineer. I went to Rory to retrain over two years ago and have not looked back. I see that students now get to make a short video series which I would have love to have done. Anyone thinking about applying for one of the Master's courses, stop and just do it. If you want a career in Bespoke Tailoring this is probably one of the best places to be. Thanks Rory, look forward to seeing you all soon.

  3. how can I register for a course on coat making???

  4. How can l register for the course
    I want to very good and i was told to follow u on utube. And I like it