In-house Pattern Drafting for Bespoke Menswear

Course options:
-Five weeks for the full course.
-One week Trouser focused
-One week Waistcoat focused
-Two week Coat focused
-There week Coat, Overcoat & Morning Coat focused.

Week 1

Lesson 1:
-Introduction to tools, Measurement Chart and Head units
-Trouser draft, Closed leg, topsides & undersides

Lesson 2:
-Trouser draft, Open leg, topsides and undersides

Lesson 3:
-Trouser draft, Straight leg, topsides and undersides. Disappearing darts and stride quantity.

Lesson 4:
-Trouser draft, Pleated style, topsides and undersides. Flipping the pleat

Lesson 5:
-Brace-tops half bands, function of the seat angle

Week 2

Lesson 6:
-Corpulent trouser draft

Lesson 7:
-Waistcoat Draft

Lesson 8:
-Double-breasted and corpulent draft.

Lesson 9:
-Coat Draft 6" drop

Lesson 10:
-Traditional Savile Row style

Week 3

Lesson 11:

Lesson 12:
-Coat Draft 4" drop

Lesson 13:

Lesson 14:
-Sleeve draft

Lesson 15:
-Slim fit short style

Week 4

Lesson 16:
-Three button short style with side-body

Lesson 17:
-Atheltic cut with side-body

Lesson 18:
-Facing & under-collar

Lesson 19:
-Corpulent/ Portly Coat draft

Lesson 20:

Week 5

Lesson 21:
-Overcoat Corpulent draft

Lesson 22:
-Morning Coat

Lesson 23:
-Common alterations

Lesson 24:
-Project pattern cutting

Lesson 25:
-Feedback and evaluation.

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