Open Academy, all in-house courses one to one

The Handcraft Tailor Academy is excited to announce its latest concept for their in-house courses, 
'Open Academy, One to One Training'.

Open Academy gives you the power to..

- Decide how many days or weeks you wish to attend the academy during a twelve week period.

- Benefit from one to one training.

- Start a course in-house and finish it online, or vice-versa, or take the full course in-house.

- Review all lessons with access to a video series as well as live demonstration and a sample to examine.

- Set your own hours with 24/7 access to the workshop and equipment.

- Have your own workspace, without the need to share equipment or tools.

- Choose from five courses to take and decide how long to study them for.

At The HTA we are constantly innovating. With the help of feedback from our past pupils,  we are always implementing better ways to educated our students.

Training is the transfer of skills from Master to Apprentice. Everyone learns at different speeds and in different ways. That's why we have introduced the one to one in-house course.

Imagine a class were you are the centre of attention, not having to compete with others round you for the attention of the teacher. Feel free to ask questions with your own dedicated time slot to explore the subject and understand the techniques and material.

All in-house classes are supported by a video series, which you can view at your own work station between class times. With your own board, industrial sewing machine, touch screen tablet and tools, you don't have to share with anyone. Be able to come and go as you please and work the hours suitable to you.

With many courses and disciplines to choose from there is a course suitable to everyone.

Whether is one our making courses, Trousers, Waistcoat and Coats, or our drafting course 'Pattern Drafting for Bespoke Menswear'.

It's your time and your choice.

Class times are schedule between 10am & 4pm daily with the workshop open 24hr a day.
You will have your own timeslot with our Master Tailor Rory Duffy. Rory goes through the daily demonstration on a one to one bases, so you can ask questions relevant to your project and your understanding of the lesson.

After the lesson you will have the sample Rory completed as well as the lesson video to refer back to.

Class size are small with only six students permitted at any one time.

Rather than a predetermined set time period, students can choose when they would like to attend the school during Open Academy.

You can attend for as little as two weeks or as long as eight.

For a full syllabi of each course follow the link.

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  1. Hello, is there a curriculum option for ladies tailoring or is this just mens?