The Art of Trouser Fitting.

This image shows the back of a pair of gents trousers on the client.
There is sufficent room in the crotch and seat area. There is a considerable bow in the leg 
which has been allow for and the pant leg follows that of the wear.
Apart from the unsightly creases under the back seat above the thighs these are a well fitting trouser.

Its excess in length on the back rise of the trousers that cause such creases. 1/2 of cloth is pinned out below the waist-band.

These creases continue to the side seam and are visible at the pocket mouth.
1/4" of length is pinned out at the seam-side below the waist-band.

Here we can see more wrinkles appearing at the front fly near the crotch area. Length is some confuse with pulling.

1/8 of length is pinned out below the front waist-band. To alter remove waist-band from trouser, drop the center back 1/2, the side seam 1/4 and hollow the front run 1/8. 
This will eliminate unsightly creases at the front and at the back of the pants.

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  1. Very interesting..Thank you... Are you using the natural waist for these trousers? Do you draft your trousers using the natural waist and then lower or not dependiing on style? Finding the natural waist on women is easy...ish, but its a mysetery on men... :)

    Great blog.