Hand stitched Buttonholes

A well made buttonhole is the only link between art and nature". Oscar Wilde.

Hand stitched buttonhole can truly be a thing of beautiful. A high skilled trade man can create a buttonhole, more  durable and elegant than any machine. Each stitch is uniform, carefully gripping a bare and fragile cloth edge with great care and precision. Silk twist is finest, vibrant in colour, it catches the light with a glinting charm. Knitted purls on each stitch provides strength and refined finish, cocooning a silk cord in each stitch. The cord is twisted together with a silk strand, inserted into the hole, it is sewn delicate, laid around the opening. The stitches are butted together on a continuous chain finished with a neat bar tack.
Pleasing to the eye they resemble a biological entity rather than an inanimate object.