Formal / Evening wear

Now availble from Rory Duffy as part of the personal tailoring service.

 A classic example of the Evening tailcoat. Traditional wore with a white tie and marcella white waistcoat, top hat and white gloves.

The Dinner suit, also referred to as a "Tux" or "Tuxedo" in america. Evolved from the evening suit and has now replaced it as the formal evening wear.

The Morning suit, as the name suggests this suit was worn in the morning. It is now commonly associated with weddings and as is often worn by the groom.  Pictured above are the two most common styles of waistcoat paired with the Morning coat.

All suits pictured are a pair of my archive and are worn with brace top trouser. They are cut and made using traditional savile row methods and are available now, upon request.

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