Saturday, April 14, 2018

2018 Courses online & in-house

Thank you for contacting us through our website and enquiring about the online and in-house courses. We at Handcraft Tailor Academy pride ourselves on delivering a top class education to students in every corner of the globe. The following is all the information for the up and coming courses and prices.
(April 30th to May 25th) Men's Jacket Drafting Online Four sessions This Spring we are offering a four week online course in Jacket Pattern Drafting for Bespoke Menswear. This four week course is held on evenings at the students convenience teaching the secrets of Savile Row Jacket Pattern cutting. No where else can one learn how the masters and founders of the bespoke tailoring trade cut garments for the elite of the western world. Meeting once a week, each class is an hour long and covers everything from taking measurements, to figurations, the draft itself and styling the block. No matter what your background or skill level, this course will challenge everything you thought you knew about pattern cutting. A difficult subject made easy and explained in depth in a way anyone could understand. Price £500
Men's Waistcoat Making online April 9th to May 18th. The Waistcoat bears a close link to Coat Making. As a garment, it is often over looked by students who wish to learn the art of tailoring but it contains all the elements and skills an apprentice requires to learn before attempting the more complex stages of Coat Making. For six weeks students will meet me twice a week for one to one Skype training sessions and witness the making of a waistcoat for their demonstration. They will be encouraged to ask questions and record the demo for their own personal use and revision. Trimming packs will be available to order from a UK based merchant, block waistcoat drafts will also be available from the HTA upon request. Price for this course is £1380.
(April 23rd to June 1st) Pattern Drafting for Bespoke Menswear Online, 14 sessions. A seven week online Pattern Drafting for Bespoke Menswear covering the Jacket, waistcoat and trouser drafts. Through live Skype video calls students from across the globe can avail of one to one training. Meeting twice a week at sets times each week, for a one hour demonstration of drafting various patterns. Notes are emailed in advance and at the end of each week students are asked to post their patterns for assessment given at the end of the course. Pattern Drafting for Bespoke Menswear covers everything found in the four week Jacket Drafting course and more. Price £1400
(April 16th to May 25th 2018) Pattern Drafting for Bespoke Menswear. In-house, full-time 20 hrs per week for six weeks. The next in-house course is Pattern Drafting for Bespoke Menswear. This is a six weeks course which covers bespoke pattern drafting and fitting. Students will learn how to draft and fit Jacket (coats), waistcoats and trousers in various styles and figures. Following live classroom demonstrations and completing set tests every two weeks, each student will become competent in drafting a Savile Row suit. A fitting model will be brought in in the final week when students can be tested on their knowledge of pattern drafting and fitting. Price £2500 Accommodation is also offered at a nearby residence for a separate fee of £1000.
(June 4th to August 31st 2018) Handcraft Tailoring In-house Three month Summer course Full-time A twelve week Summer course is also available which covers Pattern Drafting, Coat (Jacket) Making and Trouser Making. The first two modules are a condensed version of Pattern Drafting and Coat Making course described above and below. The Trouser Making course is a bridging module between Pattern Drafting and Coat Making courses. Students learn how to use the needle and thimble as well as machine sewing before attempting Coat Making. They will also have the opportunity to put into practise their learning from the Pattern drafting module. This course can be broken down into three modules with students opting to take one module or more. Price per module available upon request. The twelve week Summer course costs £4000 GBP, accommodation fee is £1800.
(September 17th to October 26th) Handcraft Coat Making In-house Six weeks Full-time, 20 hrs per week. This course covers the making of a Handcraft Coat using traditional Savile Row techniques. Each student will be guided through the process and under close instruction shown step by step how to make a Jacket. Following daily classroom demonstrations students will learn hand sewing and machine sewing techniques including hand made Button holes. Each student will complete a Jacket by the end of the six weeks. Price £2500 Accommodation is also offered at a nearby residence for a separate fee of £1000. One to one weekend sessions are available upon request, students can request private tuition on dates outside of those mentioned above. Day rate is set at £150. A discount of 10% is offered to any student signing up to any course until February 12th. A 20% deposit is required to secure a place on any course. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us. Handcraft Tailor Academy is located in Monaghan Ireland (EU). Prices are quoted in Great British Pound currency of the United Kingdom. Students travelling from outside of the EU can enter the country under the Tourist Visa Waiver as the course durations under the 90 day limit. Kind Regards, Rory Duffy Master Tailor Handcraft Tailor Academy

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