Monday, June 13, 2016

Rory Duffy's, Handcraft Tailor Academy.

Rory Duffy is proud to announce the opening of his long awaited tailoring academy, "Handcraft Tailor Academy". Situated in the former residence of his late Grandfather, Rory has converted this idyllic country house into an institute dedicated to preserving the art of handcraft tailoring for the next generation. Located on the outskirts of the picturesque town of Monaghan, a few miles from where generations of Rory's family serviced the community as Master Tailors since the early 1800's. Rory has achieved international recognition as a Master Tailor, his video series "The Making of a Coat" is used by students and tailors around the world as a guide to handcraft tailoring techniques. Former apprentice of famed tailors Henry Poole & co., founders of Savile row, in 2009 Rory became their first apprentice ever to take gold at the highly coveted GOLDEN SHEAR AWARD, presented by The Merchant Taylor's. After emigrating to the US in 2010 Rory founded his own company "Rory Duffy, Handcraft Tailor servicing New York's elite with finely crafted Savile row suits, skills he learnt over seven years of apprenticeships and training. In 2012 Rory joined the Part-time staff of Parsons The New School, teaching students of this prestigious fashion university the art of Savile row tailoring. Rory has long had a passion for teaching, becoming a Master to an Apprentice for Henry Poole & co. at only 25 years old, one of the youngest Master Tailor in Savile row's two hundred year history.
In 2014 Rory was invited to The White House by The First Lady Michelle Obama, to take part in a workshop aimed at students from disadvantaged background to encourage them to stay in education and follow their dreams,as he has done. During this visit Rory was personally thanked by Mrs Michelle Obama for his contribution to education. The White House Photographer took the photo above which immortalized the event and later appeared on The First Lady's instagram page. His latest project, a suit for Nick Jonas (formerly of the pop band The Jonas Brothers) for the Met ball in New York sponsored by Topman, saw Rory's work recognised by men's fashion magazines across the world wide web, many ranking Nick Jonas in the top ten Best Dressed Men at the Met Gala event.
Having achieved so many of his life goals Rory decided it was time to return home and set about making his dream of an academy of tailoring a reality in his country homestead. Surrounded by forty acres of lush green fields, bordered by hand build stone wall, this picturesque setting offers a relaxing setting for what is sure to be an intense 15 week training session in one of the British Isles most ancient arts. The first course on offer is Pattern drafting of Men's Bespoke Garments. Pattern cutting is the base needed by any tailor wishing to master handcraft tailoring, no matter how well any garment is constructed, unless the garments fit as easily as a second skin all the other craftsmanship is at a loss to both the wearer and the tailor. The student will learn about body portions, variations in the male form and how to cut for a range of figures allowing for the idiosyncrasies of the human body. Beginning with the trouser draft, Rory walks each student through the knock knee, bow and straight leg drafting techniques ensuring each student understands before move them forward to the next stage. Next on the agenda is the waistcoat, each student will learn the single breasted, double breasted and corpulent draft. There will also be an opportunity to examine waistcoat drafts from the turn of the last century. Over the final five weeks the student will learn the coat draft for the single breasted, double breasted and corpulent style. The project will be set that each student will draft, cut and baste a muslin pattern for a corpulent male figure (my father), grade with be assigned and the student who cuts the pattern with fewest alterations with be awarded "Student of the Year".
No other college course in the British Isles to my knowledge offers, such a comprehensive training course in Men's pattern cutting. Even his former college Parsons The New School ranked in the top five fashion colleges does't offer a course in men's pattern cutting. Classes are small, four students per semester so each can benefit from one to one training, something Rory feels is key to turning out competent Pattern Cutters. Students will be given access to Rory's personal library of out of print tailoring manuals, some so rare they are valued at hundreds of dollars. Aside from receiving first class training each student will complete the course with a set of block patterns cut by Rory to use as block patterns, seeing them through to further employment or for their own enterprise, as well as fitting manuals so they can identify and rectify any fitting issues they may encounter in the future. Rory will continue to service his growing list of international clients making annual trips to London, LA, New York and MIami. As he looks to the future, Rory is now offering his bespoke services to clients at home encouraging the Irish financial industry to dress as well as their British and American counterparts. By setting up his workshop in Ireland Rory hopes to create more skilled jobs supporting the home economy. For more information on course places, accommodation and fees, please contact Rory on


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