Monday, June 20, 2016

Handcraft Tailor Academy, Syllabus Fall 2016

Course Description: This course focuses on pattern drafting for men’s bespoke garments. Starting with the figure, the student will come to understanding figuration, body proportions, measuring, pattern drafting, pattern manipulation, fitting try-on garments and remedying deflects in bespoke garments. Students will learn to draft Trouser, Waistcoat and Coat patterns for various sizes, as well as the corpulent figure. Fitting demonstrations will be carried out in class; each student will draft a three-piece suit pattern to be fitted to a guest model. The student with the try-on requiring the fewest alterations will be named as the ‘Student of the Year’. Upon completion of the course each student will have pattern drafting notes and diagrams, a fitting manual and block patterns for the Coat, Waistcoat and Trouser.

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