Monday, June 20, 2016

Handcraft Tailor Academy, Syllabus Fall 2016

Week 1 – Week 5 We begin with a course overview, reading through the syllabus and discuss the briefs, so each student knows that to expect in the coming weeks. Before drafting commences the tools are examine, the L-square the tailor’s imperial calculator, the Hip curve, and two French curves uses are explained. The male figuration will be discussed, images and diagrams are studied, explaining the variations and proportionate changes. Measuring systems will be examined, practiced and discussed. Students will have a chance to look at the Direct Measure System and receive an explanation on Scale, the preferred system of cutting. Cutting for bow-legs, straight legs and knock-knees will discussed and practiced. Using one another as models, the students will cut patterns for each other and fit them examining the different variations of cutting and how the fit compares. Trouser styles will also be explained, the students will learn the brace-top, straight top, plain fronts, double and reverse pleat drafts. Examples will be shown of waistband styles, closures, waist adjusters e.g. Dax and straps, button and zip flies, trouser finishing etc. A model will be brought in for the students to measure, draft and cut a pattern, then sew in muslin to prepare a fitting for. Students will be assessed on this project, which will contribute to their final result.

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