Monday, June 20, 2016

Handcraft Tailor Academy, Syllabus Fall 2016

3. Coat draft & Muslim/ Calico fitting Due week 15 The modern lounge suit appeared in the late 19th century, but traces its origins to the simplified, sartorial standard of dress established by King Charles II in the 17th century. As the coat is recognized as the most difficult menswear garment to cut and fit, eight weeks of training are dedicated to training the students in this art. Project Outcomes: From the first day in class the student’s knowledge will be building towards cutting the coat pattern. As their understanding of the male figure develops, their judgment for assessing the idiosyncrasies of the male form will take shape. Learning to notice the variants from one side of the body to the other and transferring this into the pattern. Like the trouser and waistcoat projects, the student will cut a variety of coat patterns for different figures and styles. Starting with the normal figure, moving into erect, head forward, stooping and corpulent. A model will be brought in for the final assessment and the student will be required to measure figure assess and cut a pattern without notes, to be evaluated to determine their grade.

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