Monday, June 20, 2016

Handcraft Tailor Academy, Syllabus Fall 2016

2. Waistcoat draft & Muslin/ Calico fitting Due week 7 Charles II introduced Waistcoats in the seventeenth century as the correct dress during the restoration of the British monarchy. These were of simple straight cut made from black cloth with a white silk lining. Students will learn to cut and fit a variety of waistcoats in both modern and traditional styles. Project Outcomes: The student will learn to draft a waistcoat pattern for normal, erect, stooping and corpulent figure types. Once the draft is learnt the student will be tested in drafting a pattern to a size without referring to their notes. Fittings and alteration to pattern will also be examined, the student will baste their pattern together in calico and fit them to a model to not only learn how to fit and alter a pattern, but how to approach a client during the fitting stage.

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